Healthcare professionals
"almerys solutions have been designed to make your day-to-day life easier with a wide range of services."
almerys is the preferred partner for healthcare professionals in their relations with complementary insurance organizations and their beneficiaries.
Real-time eligibility validation for Third-party Payers

Third-party payment services for Alternative Medicine

A 3rd generation Third-party payer service that is unique to the market

Billing and reimbursement tracking tools

Largest provider network with over 305,000 healthcare professionals

Secure technological platform: be-almerys digital trust

almerys accredited healthcare data hosting

Optimized management costs

Interface with all network platforms on the provider network at no extra cost
be-almerys is France's leading provider of third-party payment and direct healthcare payment services with more than 305,000 licensed healthcare professionals.
In order to offer the best possible quality of service, be-almerys is in constant contact with national healthcare professional bodies, and in particular with trade unions, enabling us to better understand the expectations of each specialty.
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